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Install Latest Office 365 2019 Version On Android & Iphone Using www.office.com/setup

When you install Office 365 you get applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, outlook, Skype, Yammer, Delve, Office lens etc. It can be installed macOS, Android, and iOS including different versions, with its 2019 version you can create presentations, data models & reports with tools & capabilities like Powerpoint Morph, new chart type in Excel & improved inking across applications. It is better than the 2016 version as it simplifies your work and you can manage your email, time and contacts more easily.

Microsoft office applications are launched with an intuitive touch experience for iOS devices. You can get Excel, Powerpoint, Skype, Word, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, Yammer, Delve etc.


Steps For Installing Office 365 2019 Version On Android

If you use a Microsoft, work or school account with a qualifying Office 365 subscription you will have access to the extra features of the application. Use the steps provided below if you are setting up Office for the first time.

  • Search for any Office application on the official website www.office.com/setup like Word, and then tap Allow on both the prompts to allow office application to access your files and contacts.
  • Log in with your Office 365 Microsoft, work or school profile.
  • In case of logging in with a Microsoft Account which is linked with Office 2019, an option may appear to upgrade to Office 365. Follow the steps to buy a plan, or if you wish to use the apps without a subscription then choose ‘May be later’. But if use an Office 365 subscription you get extra features.
  • If you get a prompt to create an MS Account, just add a password to create it and then to verify your identity follow the prompts. If you using other Office application on your Android then you account & OneDrive files will be added automatically.
  • Tap open to add another account or Open other documents if you are using a tablet and then tap Add a place. In case of being an OneNote user, tap Settings and then Accounts.
  • Select the cloud service needs to be added like OneDrive for business or Dropbox.
  • Type the email address & password that you use to log in to that service.

Steps For Installing Office 365 2019 Version On Iphone

To work from anywhere use the Office mobile application. Log in with a free Microsoft, work or school account with a qualifying Office 365 subscription you will get the access to the extra features.

  • Visit the official website www.office.com/setup and search for any Office app such as Word or Excel to launch it.
  • Log in with you Microsoft Account, Office 365 work or school account and tap next.
  • You will get an option to upgrade to Office 365 if you want to log in with a Microsoft account that’s linked with Office 2019. Go with the steps to get a plan or if the case of not using the application without subscription select May be later.
  • Now to help us enhance your Office mobile experience, tap Yes or No. To turn on notifications tap ‘Turn on Notifications’ or ‘Not now’ to opt out.
  • To start working on your documents, tap Create & Edit.
  • Tap Open and then tap Add a Place to add another account or cloud service like OneDrive or Dropbox. Tap Settings and then Accounts if you an OneNote user.
  • Select the cloud service of your choice to add and then type the email ID & password that you use to log into that service.